Blue Bag Recycling
Now, along with your curbside garbage service, we will be picking up your recyclables. Please put all of your recyclable items into blue or clear garbage bags (available at local grocery and super stores) and leave with your weekly garbage. There is no need to separate your recyclables - cardboard, paper, and aluminum can all be put in the same bag. What is recyclable? Lots of things!  Magazines, soda cartons, tin cans, paperback books, envelopes, food boxes, aluminum cans, copy paper, tv guides, newspapers and sales ads, wrapping paper, steel cans, junk mail, cereal boxes, phone books, glossy paper, towel rolls, all plastic bottles*, aerosol cans**, and glass bottles and jars.*** * Remove the caps from the bottles**Must be empty and the tip removed***No caps, clear, green, or brown What is NOT recyclable?  Cardboard milk cartons, Juice cartons, hard back books, dog food bags, paper towels, tissues, wet paper, and wax paper. If a box has been waxed (shiny cardboard) it is not recyclable.